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Tukutela Safaris Pvt Ltd is a Zimbabwe- and Botswana- based Safari company. For more than 28 years Tukutela Safaris has combined high benchmarks of hunting with a well-trained team, providing all guests with the best luxury and an unforgettable African welcome. The directors created joint venture programs connecting hunting opportunities in different conservancies and countries.

Tukutela Safaris maintains high levels of standards by assisting clients to enjoy the best hunting offer in Africa. With affordable prices and an exceptional individual service, Tukutela strives to ensure " the Safari of a lifetime!"

Tukutela Safaris based in Camp Selous, offers exciting big game and dangerous game hunting Safaris incorporating plains game hunts as well as photographic Safaris. Concessions spread between the Gwayi river and the Dete Vleii, bordering the world-famous Hwange National Park. This prime hunting area is home to large numbers of 4 of the Big Five, namely Elephant, Cape Buffalo, Lion and Leopard along with numerous varieties of Plainsgame.

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