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Bushlive Safaris and Tukutela Safaris are two Safari companies with 3 professional hunters who teamed up to create a new way in the hunting industries. We, as directors of the companies, went into a unique joint venture program in hunting Safaris, connecting hunting opportunities in two different African countries. Each of the companies is positioned for itself, but together we stand for assisting our clients to find the best possible occasions to hunt in Africa on highest level standards. We are offering fair and affordable prices with the best service available in the field, to make your hunt " the Safari of a lifetime".

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Tukutela Safaris pvt Ltd is located in Zimbabwe. Tukutela Safaris is offering splendid big game and dangerous game hunting Safaris, as well as plainsgamre hunts in its concession between the Gwayi river and the Dete Vleii bordering famous Hwange National Parks.





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